Strategic brand consulting & Creation

We increase your enterprise value with our consultancy model. It combines the logic of strategic brand consultancy with the magic of creative implementation. In this way sustainable market solutions are created which have differentiation potential.

Our team

  • Sascha Nguyen, MA Communications & Multimedia Designer

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me:
    a congenial duo that allows two worlds to melt into oneanother.

  • Dipl. Ing. Georg Lippitsch Managing Partner Silberball Vienna (Creation)

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: when we act with heart and mind.

  • Beata Księżopolska Managing Partner, Warsaw

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: the art of always being on the ball.

  • Mag. Nicole Schedler Managing Partner, Silberball Bregenz

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: excellent design on a strategic foundation.

  • Clara Weissinger Client Advisor

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: to be read in book “branding excellence in the innovative SME sector”.

  • Thomas Hepberger Creative Director

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: when rounded perfection arises from two worlds.

Our customers


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