Strategic brand consulting & Creation

We increase your enterprise value with our consultancy model. It combines the logic of strategic brand consultancy with the magic of creative implementation. In this way sustainable market solutions are created which have differentiation potential.

Our team

  • Monika Elias Accountant

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me: when two worlds meet and become one.

  • Genoveva Kriechbaum Client Services

    For me LOGIC & MAGIC is …
    a magical formula for success!

  • Sarah Blass, BA Project managment

    For me LOGIC & MAGIC is …
    “doing the right things right.”

  • Bernhard Schaufler Grafik Designer

    LOGIC & MAGIC ist für mich nicht nur eine schöne, sondern vor allem die richtige Gestaltung zu finden.

  • Mag. Markus Ruf Strategist & Copywriter

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me:
    like the chicken & egg.

  • Dr. Michael Casagranda Managing Partner, Silberball Bregenz

    LOGIC & MAGIC is for me:
    the fusion of strategic knowledge and creative ideas to excellent brands.

Our customers

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